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TFI’s Executive Vice President Cheryl Rampage Tackles Power, Sex & Marriage In This Month’s Make It Better

Dr. Cheryl Rampage, a licensed clinical psychologist and Executive Vice President at The Family Institute, imparts her expertise in this month’s edition of the magazine Make It Better.

From the article:

Dr. Cheryl Rampage, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and Executive Vice President at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, has worked with couples for decades and knows from her practice—as well as the latest research—how a balance of power and good sex can strengthen long-term relationships.

Rampage defines power as “the ability to have a voice and make it count; the ability to have influence within the relationship.” Many power issues play out in everyday routines like household chores, child care, and how a couple spends their free time.

The article lists the five important things for couples to note as they think about issues of power and sex in their own marriages. Read the full text on Make It Better’s website.

Click here to read Dr. Rampage’s full bio, or visit our website.

For more about The Family Institute in the press on our Press Page.

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