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Circle of Knowledge Event Series: Helping Strengthen Relationships

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Our 2014 Circle of Knowledge Event Series begins in March with two presentations geared toward strengthening relationships.

On March 13th, Family Institute clinician Fran Giordano will present Unlocking Anger: A key to strengthen relationships at Edgewood Valley Country Club in LaGrange Park.

On March 14th, TFI clinician Alexandra Hambright Solomon will present Shall We Dance?: Understanding the choreography of love & Intimacy in Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park.

Both presentations focus on different aspects of relationships, and how to strengthen your family’s bonds using the expert knowledge of our clinicians. The Circle of Knowledge Event Series allows guests to experience TFI therapists’ years of experience and training, and then apply that information within their own relationships.

Stay tuned to TFI Talks for more information on both these March events, as well as the additional events we’ll offer this spring and early summer. You can also visit our Circle of Knowledge webpage for more information or to purchase tickets.


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