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Baby’s Here…Now What? How Couples Can Stay Connected After the Birth of Their Baby

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Couples are often surprised by how hard it is to try and stay connected after a child is born. Because there is so much preparation centered around expectations about labor and delivery, breast feeding, and newborn care, couples are often blind-sighted by how difficult it is to try and stay connected to their partner after the transition to parenthood. To help combat this issues, Mallory Rose, LMFT and staff therapist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, has created a couple’s workshop for parents-to-be.

“Research shows that so many couples do not have the difficult yet crucial conversations prenatally about their expectations of one another with this transition,” says Ms. Rose. “However, the couples that are able to discuss these core issues before the birth are better prepared for the inevitable struggles within their marriage/partnership.”

Ms. Rose points out that research indicates couples who talk about these expectations, whatever they may be, fare better in their marriage than those who do not have these conversations at all. “Often times, partners prenatally think having the baby will help their spouse become more in touch with their emotions and feelings, and are then devastated when the fatigue and anxiety centering around the transition to parenthood prevents these idealistic expectations from coming true.”

The workshop, offered on either February 22 or March 22 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at New Mother New Baby in Northbrook, IL, will guide couples as they prepare for the transition to parenthood. “In this group, I want couples to learn the psycho education around what new parents struggle with in their partnerships,” says Ms. Rose. “If they are prepared and aware of what the challenges are as a couple, they can take proactive and preventative steps to prevent marital dissatisfaction.”

New Mommy New Baby is located at 3115 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062. To register for the workshop, contact Ms. Mallory Rose at 847-733-4300, ext. 806 or For more information about The Family Institute at Northwestern University, please contact Colleen O’Connor at 312-309-5300 ext. 485 or

Read Mallory Rose’s full bio on our website.

The Family Institute offers a number of therapy and psychoeducation groups and workshops. Visit our group therapy page for more information.

To learn more about affordable counseling at The Family Institute, visit our website.

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