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Shall We Dance? Understanding the Choreography of Love & Intimacy

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On Friday, March 14, Family Institute clinician Alexandra Hambright Solomon, PhD, presents her Circle of Knowledge talk, Shall We Dance?: Understanding the Choreography of Love & Intimacy.

When it comes to love, we are dancing all the time … moving, shifting, and changing moment by moment in relation to each other. Sometimes we are in sync, each enhancing the other and together creating something shared and good. Sometimes we are out of sync, stepping on each other’s toes and wondering how we got so lost. Bringing together current research and clinical writing about intimate relationships, Dr. Solomon will provide a framework for understanding how “my stuff,” “your stuff,” and “our stuff” interact to bring us closer together or farther apart. By understanding the specific patterns that we tend to enact in relation to each other, we can find ways to create and maintain a loving groove and get back on track more quickly once we begin to go astray.

Register in advance for this event in Highland Park at Exmoor Country Club,March 14th from noon to 2:00 p.m.

Learn more about our Circle of Knowledge Event Series at our website.

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