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March Family Tip of the Month: Are You Okay?

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“Are You Okay?” is probably not the right question.

The Family Institute’s March Family Tip of the Month addresses why asking your child “are you okay” when he or she falls, appears upset or faces disappointment may not be the best course of action, despite how common it is.

From this month’s tip:

The problem is, “are you okay?” closes rather than opens conversation, alienates rather than builds connection. Kids tend to answer with a simple “yes” when clearly they’re not so okay; they say “yes” because nobody wants to think of himself as “not okay.” But we know there’s more going on, that they’re experiencing distress of some sort — which is why we inquire in the first place. 

Read the whole Tip of the Month and learn how you can keep the conversation going when your child seems upset, rather than shut it down.

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