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April At TFI Talks

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This month at TFI Talks, we’ll explore a number of different topics and issues. Here’s a preview of what to look forward to in April:

National Alcohol Awareness Month

This month, TFI Talks will feature a number of posts about alcohol in commemoration of Alcohol Awareness Month. We’ll be posting information, insights and tips from one of our expert staff clinicians, Leah Brennan, LMFT, CADC, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Money, Money, Money

In honor of the approaching tax season, we’ll be talking about how money and financial issues impact families, couples and children. Look for As A TFI Clinician posts from Family Institute experts like Dr. Aaron Cooper.


We’ll explore the central idea in Family Institute staff clinician Dr. Karen Skerrett’s new co-authored book, Positive Couple Therapy: Using We-stories to Enhance Resilience (Routledge).

We-Stories are shared stories between members of a couple that define and guide their relationships. The book provides a systematic approach for helping couples recover their unique we-stories in order to strengthen and/or rebuild struggling relationships. On TFI Talks, we’ll have examples of we-stories and, later this afternoon, an interview with the book’s co-author Dr. Karen Skerrett.


Follow along in April as we explore these topics, and more!


The Family Institute offers affordable family, couples and individual counseling at our Evanston, downtown Chicago, Lagrange Park and Northbrook locations. Visit our website to learn more.

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