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Two Generations, Two Perspectives: Straight talk about young adults and their parents

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Over the last 30 years, emerging adulthood has become a new developmental stage between adolescence and adulthood.

For emerging adults, it is a time of transition and challenge. They must find meaningful work and launch a career, create mature relationships and fashion adult identities. It is also a confusing and challenging time for their parents, who must re-define their roles in their young adults’ lives, offering and withholding support, searching for the fine line between facilitating and enabling.

To help parents and their young adult children deal with this complicated stage, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, an organization committed to strengthening and healing families from all walks of life through clinical service, education and research, will host a presentation at the University Club in downtown Chicago as part of the Circle of Knowledge Event Series.

Two Generations, Two Perspectives: Straight talk about young adults and their parents will be a conversation between two family psychologists from different generations. Jacob Goldsmith, PhD, the Madigan Family Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow at The Family Institute, is in his mid-thirties and will talk from the perspective of the emerging adult. Bill Pinsof, PhD, LMFT, ABPP, President of The Family Institute, clinical professor in the Department of Psychology in the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences at Northwestern University, and the director of the Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies at Northwestern, is in his mid-sixties and will talk from the perspective of the parents.

“Young adulthood is a new stage of development that has become more and more critical over the last 30 years,” says Dr. Pinsof. “People spend more time in their 20s finding out about relationships, finding out about love, finding out about work.”

“I think that a lot of people come into therapy thinking, ‘is the therapist going to understand me?’” says Dr. Goldsmith. “I think the real power of having young adults come to this talk with their families is that they will get a sense that there are people who can identify and understand their experiences.”

The talk, which will run from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the University Club and feature dinner, will consider the perspectives of emerging adults and their parents. Dr. Goldsmith and Dr. Pinsof will each provide their own perspectives based on their life stages, as well as their clinical and psychological expertise. Tickets to the event are $50.00, and registration is required as space is limited. Emerging adults and their parents (and grandparents) are especially welcome.

To register for this event, visit our registration page.

To learn more about our Circle of Knowledge Event Series, visit our events page.

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