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The Challenge of Prosperity: How are affluence and distress related in adolescents?

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Clinical Science Insight from The Family Institute

As part of The Family Institute’s mission, we are committed to using clinical science to improve the effectiveness of our interventions. Clinical Science Insights, a quarterly publication series, distills our research expertise in a way that is relevant to both clinical practice and everyday life.

As we think about financial issues this month, we’re featuring a Clinical Science Insight from Family Institute licensed clinical psychologist and Vice President for Programs and Academic Affairs, Cheryl Rampage, PhD. This white paper discusses issues of affluence in families, and how they can be risk factors for adolescents.

Says Dr. Rampage:

“Current research shows that affluence is a risk factor in adolescent development–not just having money, but how having money can distort values, parenting practices, and interpersonal relationships (Levine, 2006).”

The white paper discusses the specific risks involved, as well as ways and methods for mitigating those risks. Read this Clinical Science Insight in its entirety at our website, and peruse our other white papers.


The Family Institute offers affordable family, couples and individual counseling at our Evanston, downtown Chicago, Lagrange Park and Northbrook locations. Visit our website to learn more.

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