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Ask A TFI Expert: Summer Jobs & Summer School With Hollie Sobel, PhD

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This July, join us on TFI Talks as we explore all things Summer Vacation with insights from our expert clinicians.

Today’s topic is another way children often fill their time during summer vacation: with jobs or with school. For some kids, summer vacation isn’t full of seemingly endless days and vacations—there are opportunities for skill development and personal growth. Hollie Sobel, PhD, staff therapist at The Family Institute, provides today’s tips and insights on how parents can handle these two summertime responsibilities.



Kids need vacations too.

While kids need their own break from the obligations of the school year, summertime responsibilities are often inevitable.  While kids do need structure to their days, and often have homework to complete over the summer, it’s important to not overdo it or be too rigid.

Instead, the summer vacation responsibilities like work and school provide parents with the opportunity to teach time management and organizations skills to their kids. It’s important to have a balance of work and play time.


Determine what they need.

Some kids use summer school as a time to catch up, while others require instruction to maintain what academic skills. Other students, while not in summer school, have assignments to complete over the summer. When it comes to your child’s academic responsibilities, it’s important to determine your child’s unique situation and needs.

When it comes to summer jobs, it’s also important to assess and determine your child’s unique needs. The search for and maintenance of summer jobs gives kids the opportunity to develop their resume and interviewing skills. It also teaches them responsibility. However, don’t assume that your child knows the correct protocol for summer jobs—they may need extra guidance in determining when to follow up after interview, the appropriate outfit to wear on their first day, or how to request a change in schedule.



Dr. Hollie Sobel provides individual, family, and group psychotherapy.  Dr. Sobel has specialization in using researched-based cognitive-behavioral techniques with children and adolescents to improve mood, decrease levels of anxiety, and enhance functioning across home, school and social settings. She includes children/adolescents and parents in the treatment planning process, as family involvement is often important in reaching treatment goals.

To read Dr. Sobel’s full bio or make an appoint, visit our webpage.

The Family Institute offers a wide variety of affordable counseling care that treats whole individuals and their loved ones throughout the Chicagoland area. Find out more at our website.

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