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Back to School at TFI Talks

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schoolbus-81717_150The school supply ads have taken over the airwaves and class schedules are official: It’s time to head back to school.

Whether heading to the first year of college, the second year of junior high, or transitioning to kindergarten, back-to-school time conjures up a lot memories and emotions. Fall is an incredibly nostalgic time for those of us already finished with our school-days, and can be a good time to reflect on the new beginnings we’ve faced, whether as individuals, as parents or as families.

To highlight this time of year, TFI Talks reached out to our expert therapists for their perspectives.

This month, join us as our clinicians tell stories of their own — either about themselves, their children or their whole families — and then reflect on those stories with their clinical expertise.

What to expect over the next few weeks:

  • The psychological impact of the “perfect outfit”
  • The roller coaster that is a locker combination
  • How to negotiate a child’s fear of riding the “yellow metal container”
  • Finding family connection amidst “Crazy-making-organized-chaos”
  • What happens when your dorm room overlooks a cemetery

Follow along as our therapists tell their stories and provide insights into the stress of going back to school.

The Family Institute offers affordable, effective mental health treatment for individuals, couples and families at our six Chicagoland locations. Learn more about us at our website.

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