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Have We Lost Perspective of Our Children’s Need for Sleep?

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Sleeping Beauty 4This month’s Family Institute Tip of the Month addresses just how much sleep our children needs, as well as the consequences of not getting enough.

From this month’s tip:

Cutting corners when it comes to sleep is more hazardous to our kids’ welfare than most parents realize. We may be so accustomed to playing fast and loose with sleep — we often compromise our own as we go about our over-scheduled lives — that we’ve lost perspective on our children’s need for sleep.

What scientists have come to understand is that during sleep, the brain consolidates what’s been learned during waking hours, making that learning accessible later on. In other words, studying for tomorrow’s test is more effective when it’s followed by a good night’s sleep. It’s as though the sleep process stores new learning in a kind of mental hard drive, where that learning proves easier to recall when needed.


Sharing knowledge is a vital part of the Institute’s mission. To widely disseminate knowledge about family relationships, the Institute created Tip of the Month, our two online eBlasts. One is geared specifically toward couples and the other toward families.

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