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John&Rita1What happens when you come to The Family Institute? What is therapy even like?

If you’ve never experienced mental health services, there can be a lot of intimidating unknowns: What sort of things will the therapist want to know about? What questions will he/she ask? Will it really help? And if so, how?

To get at some of those questions, we are pulling the curtain back and taking a closer look at individual, couple and family therapy.


Ryan&Sharon1Every client at The Family Institute is unique.

The families, couples and individuals who come through our doors bring their complex stories with them. We recognize the nuances and complexities of life, and treat the whole person and their loved ones in deeply impactful, effective ways.


Kathleen&DaveJoin us over the next several month as we share three families’ stories.

Read how The Family Institute helps these families navigate change, strengthen their bonds, and heal their relationships, as well as themselves.


Meet John & Rita, Ryan & Sharon, and Kathleen & Dave on our Building Stronger Families webpage. Follow along over the next few months as we share their stories and their paths to healing.

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