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The Aftermath of Infidelity: How couples can stay together

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This week, Family Institute staff therapist Jay Lebow, PhD, LMFT, ABPP, was featured in an article discussing how couples can recover after one partner has an affair. From the article:

“…gadgets like smartphones and tablets have certainly made it easier to slip a sexy pic someone’s way and facilitate a steamy affair. But they’ve also made it easier (for some, at least) to find an incriminating email, text message or online dating profile. “It’s not that the affairs happen more or less, but they certainly are uncovered more,” says Jay Lebow, a psychologist and marriage and family therapist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. People generally also want to have better relationships, and they tend to talk more about them, Lebow says, so they’re more likely to ask questions if a partner becomes distant. Hence all those questions about that new Facebook friend.”

Read the entire article on, and visit our website to learn more about Dr. Lebow.


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