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Important But Not Urgent: What are your priorities?

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“On the treadmill of modern parenting, we rarely stop and ask ourselves, ‘How important is this? What’s truly at stake here?'”


Today_tomorrowThis month’s Family Institute Couples Tip of the Month asks whether or not our marriages’ needs–as opposed to our children’s needs–are merely important, but not urgent. From this month’s tip:

For a great many couples with children, it isn’t the spouse who’s most valued — it’s the kids. At least within the middle and upper-middle-class, today’s couples tend to place kids at the top of the priority ladder, with the partner relationship landing in second or even third place (behind career). Many of us pay lip service to the importance of our marriage, but the great amounts of time, energy, and financial resources we devote to the youngsters betray those words.

Read the whole Tip to find out more about how to make your marriage a priority while still attending to the needs of your children.

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