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Long Distance Relationships: A new research frontier

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long_distance_mapAt The Family Institute, relationships are our passion. Throughout the month of February, we’re exploring all things couples: How couples can improve the quality of their relationships, how couples counseling can be a helpful tool for couples at all stages of their partnerships and how relationships impact our overall mental health. Family Institute experts not only treat couples via our couples therapy services, but also conduct research in an effort to help couples from all walks of life have stronger, healthier relationships.

Today, we look at the Institute’s Relationship and Health Study that examines the health benefits of long distance relationships. This study is led by co-investigators Steve Du Bois, PhD, LCP, the Institute’s Morgan Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow and Tamara Goldman Sher, Family Institute affiliate. Research has already indicated that being in a close-distance relationship is associated with better health. The Institute’s Relationship and Health Study aims to determine whether the same applies to long distance relationships.

Our winter edition of Institute News, our print newsletter, features an article by Dr. Du Bois discussing this exciting new research initiative:

This research will extend the existing research on couples, and will hopefully start a new branch of research — one that investigates long-distance relationships as they relate to individual health. Additionally, our findings may shed light on core, critical ingredients for successful relationships — those qualities that relate to positive individual health even without the luxury of abundant in-person time.

Read another blog post from Dr. Du Bois about how to keep long-distance relationship strong on TFI Talks.

Visit our website to read the full article, or to learn more about the Relationship and Health Study.

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