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Couples Therapy Is Effective — For Both Men and Women

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male_female_symbolsWe recently posted an article written by Institute Clinician Nikki Lively, MA, LCSW that asked the question “Does Couples Therapy Really Work?” Today we’re taking another look at that very question — this time with research that comes out of The Family Institute.

In a new study, researchers at The Family Institute studied the effectiveness of couple therapy, both for improving relationship adjustment (the quality of the couple’s relationship), as well as for enhancing individual functioning (the ability of each partner to manage well in daily life). The results of this study indicated that both these factors saw a positive response to couples therapy–for both genders.

Our winter edition of Institute News features an article by Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, PhD, Family Institute Director of Research and Kovler Scholar, about this very study. From her article:

Overall, men and women showed remarkable similarities in how they changed over the course of treatment. Although women began treatment reporting more relationship dysfunction than men, men and women did not differ in their changes over time in relationship or individual adjustment. This similarity suggests that couples in treatment improve in unison, with similar pathways and rates of change. 

Visit our website to read the full article and to learn more about our couples counseling services.

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