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Psychology & The Selfie: TFI’s Mallory Rose, LMFT, on the impact of social media on self esteem

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Selfies are everywhere: It seems like every time you turn a corner there’s someone standing with his/her phone held out at arms length, snapping a candid shot. Selfies can be fun way to update your social media followers on where you are and what you’re up to — but are there larger psychological concerns?

Family Institute staff clinician Mallory Rose, LMFT, recently discussed these issues on ABC News. The story addresses a recent study linking selfies to plastic surgery, suggesting that the rise in seeing ourselves in pictures has placed a more intense and pressured emphasis on our physical appearance, possibly influencing the decision to have plastic surgery.

“If your sole reason for feeling happy and confident is based off the social media and the response that you’re getting towards the way that you are in the social media, that to me is worrisome,” said Mallory Rose.


Watch the full segment on ABC 7’s website, and learn more about Mallory Rose on our website.



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