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How Does Mid-Life Offer A One-of-a-Kind Opportunity for Women?

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In some ways, it’s an enviable problem to have — the kids are off in their own lives and you have both the time and energy to be asking the question “What’s next?”

Whether a woman has stayed in the paid workforce throughout the child-raising years, or stayed at home and devoted the bulk of her energies to family and household, there is a noticeable space that shows up once the children are even semi-launched. For the first time in decades, many women get to consider how they want to re-prioritize their lives. Yet obstacles, both internal and external, can get in the way of this potentially exciting project.

At our next Circle of Knowledge event on Thursday, March 12th in LaGrange, IL, Dr. Cheryl Rampage will explore how to address both kinds of obstacles, to maximize satisfaction in this chapter of life.

Watch Dr. Rampage discuss these issues and what she’ll address at this event below, as well as more event specifics.


The Pleasures and Challenges of Retooling at Midlife

Presented by Dr. Cheryl Rampage

Thursday, March 12, 2015
11:30 p.m. registration, 12:00 p.m. presentation & lunch
Edgewood Valley Country Club, 7500 Willow Springs Road, La Grange

$45 per person; space is limited
Register online today!
Deadline to register: March 5, 2015

For more information, call 312-609-5300, ext. 480 or email

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