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Technology & Love: How do they relate?

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Heartshaped cableTechnology offers us the opportunity for more — more interaction, more resources, more to do — and it does so incredibly quickly. Yet love and intimate relationships thrive on a different kind of pace: Intimate relationships need a focus on us instead of on the outside world. Love and intimacy require acceptance, gratitude and embracing what is, rather than the continued comparison to what else is out there. Love and intimate relationships require a slower speed — more time, patience, being there for each other — that builds trust over time.


Here is a breakdown of some of the major differences between technology and love:




All about me









All about WE


Less (less distraction, less choice)


Acceptance/gratitude/embracing what is


Requires time to grow and time to maintain


So how do we discern when, where, and how to make use of technology’s offerings?  And when, where, and how do we return to something we once knew?

At our next Circle of Knowledge event, Dating Mating & Marrying in the Age of Social Media, Dr. Alexandra Solomon will address these questions and more. The event, held at no cost at Microsoft’s downtown Chicago headquarters, will focus on how the digital age impacts our relationships — for better and for worse.

Find more event details below, and visit our website for more information.

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