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How Do you Define Mental Health?

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mental health monthTo commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked a number of our clinicians the question:


How do you define mental health?


From Amy Drucker, MSMFT, LMFT:

To me, Mental Health is defined as one’s relatively constant state of emotional wellness. Our moods, transient or temporary, often contribute to our overall mental health. It is my belief that one’s resiliency to bounce back from “moods,” or move through the emotions contributing to the mood, to get to an overall positive state of mental and emotional functioning defines whether one would describe themselves as mentally healthy.

Experiencing consistent negative emotions can make this “bounce back” far more challenging. Transient negative moods that build up can, and often do, contribute to an overall negative state of being, thus impacting our mental health. That is likely because when, for example, we are feeling depressed or unable to lift or move through the road blocks of negativity, we can remain unhappy and stuck and not sure where to turn or what to do to feel better. When negative moods become more permanent states, that is when are mental health suffers.


From Jaime Henry-Juravic, LMFT,:

Mental health is an active process, continuous throughout the life span, of cultivating a relationship of acceptance and compassion with one’s thoughts, feelings, and overall fabric of our selves. Our mental health is also impacted by the relationships we cultivate with others. It allows us to navigate our internal and external worlds with a sense of well-being and authenticity.


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