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Affluent Teens & Prosperity

We now live in the most affluent societies in history but wealth doesn’t protect children from being at risk. Everyone knows someone whose child has seriously faltered, who has fallen into addiction, depression or a more amorphous sort of “failure to thrive.” Today we look at what affluency can do to an adolescent.

In her research, Cheryl Rampage, PhD, explains how affluence changes from being a protective factor for young children to a risk factor at early adolescence. Teenagers from affluent families have an increased chance of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Other issues include achievement pressure from their parents (be it academic, social, athletic or physical) and emotional or physical isolation from parents, whether actual distance or simply editing what is told to them.

The following infographic explores the challenge of prosperity on the mental health of teenagers, and how parents can raise successful and healthy children.

The Challenge of Prosperity
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