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Family Tip of the Month: Distracted Parenting

Dad working at homeThe Family Institute’s April/May Family Tip of the Month discusses distracted parenting.

From this month’s tip:

“Increasingly it’s an era of distracted parenting. Our handheld devices make it possible to direct our attention toward our screens when we’re with our children — rather than toward the kids themselves. Years ago, we might have spent waiting time chatting with our sons and daughters — in line at the grocer or until the server brought our food — but nowadays, our brain can’t resist the dopamine surge when a ping announces a new text or email, or the phone chime goes off. Our kids are then waiting until we come up for air, and too often, what they receive are attentional leftovers.

Read the entire Tip of the Month and learn how to keep that parent-child connection alive.

For additional Tips and to sign up for our Tip of the month, visit our Tips webpage.

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