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Keep Anxiety at Bay

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With the election behind us, we all know that anxiety levels have been elevated. But anxiety is a natural side effect of being human; however, too much can be detrimental to our mental health. It is important to be aware of the presence of anxiety in our lives, and most importantly, find ways to keep it in check so we can live our days to their fullest.

Here are some helpful tips & tricks to help you keep anxiety to a minimum.

  • Know Your Own Cues. We often know with personal insight whether something in our lives is off balance or doesn’t feel right. During times of high anxiety, ask yourself questions like: When I feel anxious, how long does it normally last? How am I able to cope with these feelings? Cultivating self-awareness in this way allows for us to recognize when anxiety is lasting too long, which lets us know when it is time to get the help we need.
  • Take care of your own well-being. Some people use yoga, exercise, religion or other activities to try and keep themselves balanced and feeling well. Turn to your friends and family and enjoy time together.
  • Maintain as consistent a sleep schedule as possible. Routine sleep times are beneficial for positive mental health. Around bedtime, avoid media outlets that distract you, or that tend to cause excess mind chatter. Shut off your phone and watch a comedy instead.

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